St. Paul Is Going Solar

After a few years of research, discussions, and negotiations, St. Paul will be getting all of its electricity from a soon to be installed solar energy system. We have signed a contract with Sunwealth Power, Inc. to install an array of solar panels on the roof of the Route 2 side of the building, with construction commencing one month from now. It will consist of 91 solar panels producing approximately 35,000 kwh of electricity per year.

As a result of this installation, we will see two immediate benefits. Initially, we will achieve a further reduction of our carbon footprint. GreenFaith, an interfaith organization dedicated to environmental leadership, writes as part of its mission statement: “protecting the earth is a religious value, and environmental stewardship is a moral responsibility”. We began to reduce our energy consumption a few years ago, by having an energy audit performed at the church. This led to the installation of energy efficient bulbs and fixtures, lowering our electricity consumption by 33%. Secondly, this solar array will save additional money in the annual budget. We are looking at an annual cost savings of 25% from what we currently pay for electricity. Responsible stewardship of limited resources should include striving to make what we do more effective and efficient for ourselves and the world in which we live.

For more information on this project, please contact Paul Ricci, Business Manager at the office (781-646-7773).


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