I love our church, although I wish I could move around a bit more during it!” explained Geneva (8) about her experience of St. Paul.  Although this new fencer, girl scout, archer, skater, and soccer player speaks for herself, she does speak accurately of a family who likes to move.  The Carters are a family of extroverts and can be found in several different corners of the local playground, especially right now as they live in cozy quarters as their house in Lexington gets a facelift. Owen (5) can be spotted with or without shoes climbing structures, protecting his little sister, Beatrix (3), talking about robots and dinosaurs or asking for hugs. Sarah and Matt have now known each other for longer than they haven’t and they like it that way! Matt was Archer for Halloween and appreciates living in an environment where people can talk passionately about what they do and study. Sarah is continually surprised and delighted at St. Paul in “the diversity of opinions you can find in one place, like in the prayers of the people.” She also loves seeing all the kids at St. Paul and listening to Ross’ sermons. You can catch them all over St. Paul, where you can ask them about their family motto, “non in faciem.”