“I like that a bunch of people come together on a designated day so they can celebrate that God loves them.” This week marks Alice’s baptismal anniversary and her ½ Birthday. Now, fourteen years after being sprinkled with water, she is looking forward to affirmation of this baptism. She particularly is enjoying confirmation because she is able to explore why we do certain traditions (e.g. communion or confession). She finds love in her family and friends, and thinks having two older brothers has its perks.  “People say you learn from your mistakes, but I think you learn from yours and your older siblings.” An avid reader and youtube subscriber, she especially likes fantasy fiction and music videos.  She is a ninth grader at Lexington High School where she hopes to continue on the honor roll, and prefers English, ASL, and Science to Math and History. You’ll often find Alice at second service or helping out with Godly Play, which you might want to ask her about, as well as her love for her aunt’s mac and cheese, thoughts on war and discrimination, and/or admire her newly pierced ears!