“I  keep a bible passage from my Grandpa’s funeral tucked in my wallet...I find that sacred.”  Colton finds love in his family, particularly his late grandfather, and feels embraced by the church which he describes as growing and caring. He finds that the sermons are sometimes a bit complex and holds reciting the creeds in tension with having no proof to back them up, but enjoys that he can explore these things further with people his own age during confirmation class.  As a ninth grader at Arlington High School immersed in sports (basketball, football, and crew) he sometimes even finds time for homework, playing the violin, and eating fried clam strips. At first meeting, he may come across as shy but people soon find him to be outgoing, kind, and funny (like Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory, his favorite movie). As he thinks towards the future, he is considering following in his brother Trevor’s footsteps and attending a military school. Not only would he change the world by ridding it of war, he also would like to rid himself of all his freckles. You’ll find Colton at the second service, often ushering with his mom. Take a moment to get to know him - it is worth it.