“It [St. Paul] is VERY large, has squares on the walls everywhere, and is very echo-ey…which I think is cool.” Andy is a smart, humorous, articulate, and deep-thinking third grader with plenty to say! While he thinks math is fun, his true academic gifts shine in spelling and grammar. Lately he has been thinking a lot about Einstein’s theory of relativity, speed, and time. He finds love in his family, especially his parents (Andy and Monique), and likes playing with his brother (Gus) until he inevitable gets on his nerves. He enjoys watching tv, eating beef jerky (although, he admits, “it is not the best for his blood pressure”), reading, going to Armenian School, playing with Legos or Minecraft, and jumping around. Andy envisions God as someone in a fancy robe in a very soft yellow chair, and wonders what God thinks of him. “I think God would say I’m pretty nice, even though I get angry sometimes.” His favorite part about church is Sunday School in the fellowship hall where they get to do “fun story stuff and color” and his teachers are nice. Next time you see Andy, ask him about his upcoming Star Wars themed birthday, where there is a 40% chance he will get his dream Lego set!