“We’re going to work through it and it will be wonderful.” Chris and Marie hold this mantra close as they ready to get married in just a few months (Oct. 1) on the Weeks Bridge in Cambridge, MA at the very spot they got engaged. They are looking forward to tangoing (Argentine Tango, to be exact) their way through life together, starting with their honeymoon in Berlin. Trost (meaning “comfort”) is an appropriate last name for Chris, a quiet, thoughtful, practical, kind, loving and introverted Captain in the Navy Reserves, management consultant, and father (Ben, 10 and David, 25). When Chris isn’t traveling for work, he spends much of his free time with Ben, and all three enjoy spending Saturdays together with the occasional game of basketball thrown in. Marie is an independent, incredibly caring, thoughtful, fun-loving, and calm soul; a mother (Christine, 25, lives in Manhattan), psychiatric nurse, avid reader, dancer, and a foodie who likes it “local, simple, and fresh.” She loves going on mother-daughter adventures and hanging out with their crew (David, Haley, Ben, and Christine). Family is where they find love and also what brings up the most questions as they make a home together in Belmont: what will it look like to be a stepmom to a 10 year old and what will their relationships be like with their adult children? Chris has seen his faith evolve over time being shaped by life experiences such as the navy, college, and his divorce and embraces the questions, doubts and comforts that it brings. Marie has seen her faith as a strong force throughout her life, especially seeing her through the joys and difficult loses she’s experienced. Their hope for St. Paul is that it continues to be a welcoming and hospitable place in the community and that it is a central place in their marriage connecting their past and present stories. Next time you see Marie and Chris be sure to ask them about who their mentors have been throughout their lives.