“It is where I get to drink the juice and eat the bread,” says Thomas in response to what he likes best about coming to St. Paul. When he is not helping his mom (Heide) and the altar guild in the sacristy, he likes exploring and playing with his friends around the building. He thinks Godly Play is great because he can create things with clay during the response time, and the story of Jonah and the Big Fish is his favorite. Thomas is a playful and expressive five year old who loves the toys in his kindergarten class, but isn’t so sure about “learning stuff.” It makes him sad when people get hurt, and he’s not a big fan of all the singing that happens in church. He likes all things nerf, chess, and playing with his dad. He finds love from his parents, and says having a big sister (Elspeth) is “fun because I don’t have as many things to do as her.” Next time you see Thomas be sure to ask him about why Easter is his favorite holiday.