“I hope my legacy is one of love and compassion.” Janna is profoundly compassionate, kind, a vegetable lover, reader, writer, professional caretaker, proud grandma, and one who sees glimpses of the Kingdom everywhere. Hearing MLK Jr. speak at a Luther League convention as a confirmation student was one of the most transformational moments in her life. She really enjoys discussing politics and all things spiritual. When asked about the current election she said, “I pray. I can only pray.” Janna lives with a neurodegenerative disease, which can sometimes leave her wondering about her own strength and grace as she struggles to maintain a good quality of life. She finds hope in her grandchildren and each day that she has another chance to live. Easter is her favorite holiday because of “the promise we can rejoice in!” While you won’t often find Janna at church, she does so appreciate being included in the weekly prayers of the people. She also enjoys the sermons, familiarity of the liturgy, hymns, and the comfort she receives from the St. Paul community.