“Jesus is a close friend of mine...I wish I knew him better,” says Lionel Goulet in describing his relationship with Jesus. He found his way to St. Paul and Lutheranism after meeting his wife, the wonderful Susan Lee, and an interesting journey through Catholicism and the Church of Christian Science. He is attentive to the world around him, believing life leaves you clues if you look for them, and finding the sacred all around - from the snow on the ground to the face of the person that just walked by or a well written computer code. Lionel is tall, happy, confident, an introvert mistaken for an extrovert, author, computer fixer, learner, voracious reader, polite heretic, New England School of Lay Ministry student, fan of Calumet, father, and husband. He describes his family (Susan, Alex, and Adam) as happy, active, and smart, and marriage as a gift that has given him such an incredible depth and expansiveness to his view on life. He has many great memories at St. Paul, but found particular joy in giving a temple talk about the importance of stewardship and most recently organizing “Logan’s List.” You can read about his understandings about life and happiness at his blog, and then he’d be more than happy to get to know you better over a meal of spaghetti and meatballs or a skinny cafe mocha.