"[Pant.] [Pant.] [Sigh.]" Keiko is a slow-moving Chow Chow and one of "her people" is Megan Getman. She is an avid sleeper, eater, snorer, sniffer of humans, and visitor of the St. Paul office. At nineteen years old, she despises stairs and bumpy car rides but really relishes in the small things life has to offer like food sprinkled with chicken broth or warm words from church members. She will miss her visits to St. Paul where she enjoyed being around humans all day, but will miss Megan and her sibling guinea pigs as they move away even more. Her favorite memory of St. Paul is the church directory photo-shoot where she got so many pats and smiles from the friendly folks waiting to say, "cheese!" In her old age, her deepest concern is who will take care of her humans when she passes and if heaven has stairs or big soft chairs.