“[It is] fun to feel like you are a part of the service rather than just listening...plus the robe is cool.” Besides being a star acolyte, Nathaniel likes coming to St. Paul to hear the “moving sermons” and come to Sunday School where “things get explained.”  He would, however, prefer that all this happened later in the day - it is hard getting up so early! Nathaniel is an imaginative, happy, sometimes anxious, and smart seventh grader who is a reader of fantasy and sci-fi, Pokémon player, fencer, Lego building expert, bicyclist, and eater of tasty hamburgers. He is a deep thinker who ponders questions like, “Is it the things you do or the intent (thought) that matters?” Nathaniel really likes being home-schooled (although he would love a few more snow days!) where he is a champion of history but could take or leave all the writing he has to do. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he loves the snow, songs, gifts, and anticipation that leads up to it. He describes his family as “connected” and is enjoying the summer break off of school with them, and is especially looking forward to their trip to Colorado. Next time you see Nathaniel, be sure to ask him about his image of God.