By Melissa Brown
June 2, 2016
     I recently saw a quote that gave me pause.  It read, “A mother’s job is to teach her children to not need her anymore. The hardest part of that job is accepting success.”  I suspect other mothers have wrestled with this concept – as I have - during the different stages of parenting and various life events of our children.
     This weekend as my younger son, Colton, is confirmed with two other youth from St. Paul that phrase seems fitting. This Sunday will be a joyous celebration as the confirmands confess their faith before the congregation.  They will be continuing their faith formation which began with Baptism and consciously making the choice to deepen their understanding of and involvement in St. Paul’s community of faith.
     I can’t claim this as a personal success because I didn’t do it alone – the St. Paul community has played a significant role in Colton’s decision to confirm his faith.  Our family was truly blessed to find St. Paul 20+ years ago.  When my husband Mike and I joined the congregation we were ready to start a family.  We chose St. Paul because it was a place where we believed our children would grow in Christ – and they did.
     The congregation we joined then is focused on the same thing now – a strong Christian Education program for children and youth of all ages.  Both of my sons enjoyed participating in Godly Play (Colton was known for enthusiastically proclaiming “Let the feast begin!” in his classes), Children’s Church and Christmas Pageants in their early years, and confirmation instruction in their teen years.  Our family has fond memories of the boys in sheep and shepherd costumes and we know that the various Christian Education experiences, both formal and informal, have helped to shape their faith and their desire to be part of a vibrant faith community.
     In a time where going to church or being a practicing member of an organized religion seems to be more and more out of vogue I am grateful for the spiritual foundation Colton (and Trevor) have built at St. Paul.  Join me this Sunday in “accepting success!"