We'd like to hear from you!
Dear Friends,

This past spring, in the season of Easter, the church council began discussing one of the last goals from our strategic plan that will enhance the hallmarks of our congregation--gathering, growing and giving.  It is a goal that has needed the right time… which might be upon us.  We are exploring the possibility of a capital campaign chiefly aimed at debt reduction which would allow us more freedom to support our mission and ministry as a church.  We've been fortunate to have the Rev. Renee LiaBraaten return from helping us with our campaign ten years ago.  She is a Lutheran Pastor from Maine, knows us well, and is one of the best advisors available anywhere. 

A planning team formed in August to get things started.  I am joined by our president Maile Hedlund, Susan Lee, Peter Schmidt, and Marilyn Waehler.  Together we are assessing the needs of our finances, facilities, and the life of the congregation to cast and clarify a vision for this campaign.  In addition to debt reduction we are evaluating everything from staffing needs to the state of our pipe organ and parking lot.  As we gather information and generate ideas, we are going to need to hear from you!

The first weekend of October we will schedule half hour interviews (on Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and gather three focus groups to get your input.  We will invite between 40 and 50 households from across the congregation to participate.  Renee will conduct all of this important business, allowing people to speak freely, sharing their thoughts and concerns.  If you'd like to be included in this endeavor let someone on the planning team know soon.  A letter detailing possible goals and ideas for the campaign will be sent  the week before the interviews and focus group meetings.

We are blessed with the health and strength that has us dreaming and planning.  I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to your participation as we continue to gather, grow and give to the glory of God.     Yours, Ross    (Contact church office to be on interview list  link below)