from Pastor Ross Goodman and President Maile Hedlund

When I (Ross) was in college I started a new club (SCUBA [Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus] diving).  To get official standing (and some money) we needed a constitution, officers, and a faculty advisor.  So I wrote one, making me president, and three others officers (V.P., treasurer, secretary).  Thankfully, we had six members!  It was approved, and off we went for cave diving in Florida on spring break!  Our advisor was a Professor and M.D., experienced and enthusiastic about diving (especially in caves).  All that boring stuff legitimized us, and that constitution made sure we had leaders and accountability (and some safety, because cave diving is dangerous). 

Constitutions are not the most exciting documents one can read but they have the important function of ordering the life of an institution or state.  Church constitutions might be the most unexciting of all.  Ours tells us to have an annual meeting and elect people to offices and vote on a balanced budget among other things. 

Ok, we could not come up with a top ten list of reasons to come.  That would be overdoing it.  How about five?

  • Come because we have much to celebrate as a thriving, joyful community of faith!  And there is room to hear thoughts and concerns about our life and ministry.
  • Come because we need a quorum of at least 30 confirmed members so that we can legitimately vote on a few important matters, especially a balanced budget which is no small feat.
  • Come because we need to elect a few people to leadership positions, including two for church council.  Find out who got nominated and accepted!  Maybe someday we will have a run off, but not this year.  
  • Come because there are some good snacks at coffee hour before the meeting and it’s not that hard to stick around for another 30 minutes or so.  One worship service at 9:30 means we can all be together and meet afterwards at about 10:45. 
  • Come because you read the award winning annual report.  Many of the writers are offering to sign your copy and pose for a picture. 

We look forward to being together this last Sunday in January, grateful that God has provided for our life together for another year. 

Faithfully,  Ross and Maile